Precise turning, milling, welding, assemblies in small and medium serie production ...

About us

About us

We are company with long tradition of providing engineering services.

Our history goes back to the year 1942. Actually we have 35 employees and produce on more then 2000 sqm. 

Since our inception, we have concentrated on producing and assembling of precisely machined parts made from various materials for a number of industrial sectors. We are specialised in precision turning, milling, drilling, pressing, and welding. Additionally, we also provide all types of surface finishing. 

We have our own contruction department, which can work out your requirements in SolidWorks.


We are specialized in 

  • precise machining, incl. all types of surface treatment,
  • welding,
  • assembly of machines or subassemblies,
  • customized metalworks

Our production is checked on 3D measurement machine. 


Since 1998 jwe are holders of certificate ISO 9001 for whole business activity. 

Fastly, reliably and precisely we will fulfill your orders!